Monday, 17 June 2013

Copper & Brass

Hello again, just continuing my musings on the recent Milan Furniture Fair trends. Today I'm thinking about the Copper & Brass trend - or the warm metal trend. For so long it has all been about aluminium or shiny silver, so I think its about time we moved onto something else.

Personally I have been drawn to these metals lately, I cannot put my finger on why. Maybe it is just time for a change. I remember as a kid a huge copper pressed metal picture my Dad hung on the dining room wall. It was of a tall ship in rough seas. Not the most beautiful of artworks, but the warmth of the metal worked well in the overall scheme of things.

Right now I'm loving copper pendants, mirrors and sidetables in my interior designs. It's that old world appeal I think. Something that has been here before and the warmth of the colour that makes it so inviting.

This collection of images is from my Pinterest Page

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