Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fabulous Laundry Rooms

After posting about nurseries, it got me thinking about the humble Laundry Room. Personally mine is a complete disaster and in desperate need of a renovation. It currently houses the family Pug's bed, a rarely used shower and toilet, an awful rusty tub and of course the washer and dryer. It's actually not a bad size room and after looking through these great laundry room images - It's definately got potential!!

For most people the laundry room is really a forgotten room when it comes to decorating. But if you think about how much time you actually spend in there (which should be quite a bit if you have three kids like me!!) wouldn't it be nice to have a well decorated space to spend that time in. Because it is so small and not usually a space that your visitors would see, I think you can afford to go a little crazy - or if not crazy just a little bit of lovely - with colour, wallpaper, artwork, cabinetry and a rug.

So if money was no option I would have some gorgeous custom cabinetry with loads of storage - probably painted white, airing space, a beautiful porcelain butlers sink, fabulous patterned wallpaper, some artwork and a colourful rug for extra impact. Check out these great images below of some very inspiring laundries.

All images via my pinterest page with credits to Apartment Therapy, Martha Stewart, Decorpad, Style at Home, Dream Fun House

Monday, 29 July 2013

Beautiful Nurseries

Hi everyone, such lovely news last week about the arrival of Will and Kate's baby Prince George. I know how excited I was when my own baby prince (Hamish - not really a prince) arrived!! Not to mention the excitement about the arrival of my little princesses too.

One of my dear friends is pregnant now with twins due in September. A very special time indeed for her and her lovely husband. These babies have been a long time in the making and they are the most incredible blessing to complete thier family.

So in honour of little babies everywhere - today's post is lots of beautiful nursery photos! It makes me clucky - ha ha, this is not a good thing. Enjoy the photos and hope they provide some inspiration if you're planning your own little nursery.

images are via my pinterest page - with original sources from Lonny Mag, Elle Decor, Decorpad, Styleathome and more

Friday, 19 July 2013


I love the impression a really great front door can make to the overall look of your home. Of course first impressions are most important! I recently painted my front door turquoise - my favourite colour. I love the way it looks now and I get lots of positive comments about it. If you have been considering a makeover for your entry area - how about just painting the front door to start with. It's easy, uses minimal paint and definately makes an impact.

Check out these gorgeous photos from my Pinterest Page of coloured doors - there are a few standard residential doors and some fabulous Moroccan, Indian and very exotic examples to be seen.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Aqua Love

Aqua, Turquoise, Teal - I love them all!

I'm so often asked what the difference is between these colours? and are they just all the same colour? Well if you're anything like me you probably get them mixed up too.

I think the best way to answer this is with a visual - hence the colour chart below.

Aqua = Blue with a hint of green
Turquoise = Green with blue
Teal = even mix of blue and green

Now that's cleared up, here's a bunch of beautiful images from my Pinterest Page

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