Monday, 29 July 2013

Beautiful Nurseries

Hi everyone, such lovely news last week about the arrival of Will and Kate's baby Prince George. I know how excited I was when my own baby prince (Hamish - not really a prince) arrived!! Not to mention the excitement about the arrival of my little princesses too.

One of my dear friends is pregnant now with twins due in September. A very special time indeed for her and her lovely husband. These babies have been a long time in the making and they are the most incredible blessing to complete thier family.

So in honour of little babies everywhere - today's post is lots of beautiful nursery photos! It makes me clucky - ha ha, this is not a good thing. Enjoy the photos and hope they provide some inspiration if you're planning your own little nursery.

images are via my pinterest page - with original sources from Lonny Mag, Elle Decor, Decorpad, Styleathome and more

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