Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Steven Gambrel

Steven Gambrel is a highly acclaimed designer based in the US. I have just one picture tonight to share from his varied portfolio. It makes me smile - why? Do you notice the two large blue glass balls tied with rope in the bottom right hand corner of the room. When I was growing up in New Zealand one of our neighbours had those very same balls in thier lounge room. For some reason they always caught my eye. I love how it makes me feel when I come across something today - and go "Oh wow!! I remember seeing those when I was a kid" Rachael Mac if your out there and reading this post tonight - do you remember those in your home??

I must do a post on macrame too at some stage - it's coming back!!! There is a fabulous designer in Melbourne who is doing incredibly beautiful things with knotted rope/macrame - so will get onto that.

In the meantime hope you like this room - I love the scale of it, the way the lounge is really low and then the gorgeous map that draws your eye up to that beautiful pendant. The gorgeous texture on the walls and all those circles/spheres repeated. This is a truely lovely room. What do you think? Do you have those moments in interiors when you come across something now that was in your home or a friends home as a child??

Room by Steven Gambrel Design


Anonymous said...

I do remember those Jodie, you have a very good memory. Love the blogs - keep it up x

Anonymous said...

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