Monday, 5 August 2013

Indoor Plants

Hi there, when I was studying Interior Design at TAFE one of my teachers told us we should never consider a plant as part of an Interior Design. Now after having fallen in love with the beautiful Ficus Lyrata - I would have to say I'm more than  happy to use a plant as part of my overall interior design scheme. Most of these images below feature the Ficus Lyrata - which is very popular overseas and I believe is starting to gain a following in Australia. I recently purchased one for a client and we had to wait a number of months for it to arrive. There was plenty of competition too, they were sold out within hours of arriving.

I remember as a child visiting my Gran's home and she had a plant on nearly every side table, shelf or piece of furniture. It really lovely too - lots of greenery and a good feeling. Plants are good for us, they clear the air of toxins and they make you happy. So perhaps you could join the waiting list for a Ficus Lyrata or choose something else to make your home happy!!

Images via my pinterest page with credits too - Madeline Weinrib, Lonny Mag, Home Adore, Emily Henderson and myself



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