Monday, 26 August 2013

Art Display

Happy Monday!! Gosh I haven't posted a blog for a while. Sorry, it is has been busy here with 2 new jobs taking up all my time. So even though I have a million other things to do at the moment, I'm going to sneak in a blog post!

Knowing how to display your art and even what to display as art can be a bit tricky. Probably the thing I see most often is small artworks on big walls - so they are very out of proportion and then artwork that is hung so high you cannot actually see it. A lot of people will move into a new home and just hang thier art on all the existing hooks in the home. Which really doesn't work. I have to admit though, I've been guilty of it in the past - especially when I was renting.

Now there are some great picture hanging products available from 3M - so there is no excuse not to hang your art and have some fun with it. Unless of course it weighs a ton - then I suggest you bring out the big guns - cordless drills and someone who knows how to use one!!

Here's some great images of artwork displayed in a variety of ways. I think its a matter of having a bit of fun with it - don't take it too seriously. Mix and match, hang unexpected pieces in unexpected places and go bold!!

images are all from my Pinterest Art Page - with credits to The Zhush, Design Sponge, French By Design,

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