Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hello, after a lovely sunny day in Sydney I thought I would do a post on purple. I'm designing a Lavender inspired master bedroom for a current client - so have purple on my mind. Purple is the colour for Royalty, it stands for luxury, wealth and sophistication. Purple is also the third favourite colour in terms of colour preference after blue and green (I didn't know that).

Deep purple is associated with royalty wealth or richness, whereas light purple is associated with whimsical, romantic and nostalgic feelings. Have a look at these gorgeous rooms to see how they have used purple to evoke a feeling. There is definately a light and airy feel with the lavender's and lilacs and a bit more of a kick with the darker purples.

via Belle Maison

via Desire to Inspire

via Eclec Chic

via Marcus Design

via The Decorista

via The Zhush

via The Zhush

via The Zhush

via The Zhush

via The Zhush

via Elle Decor

If I have used an image from a designer that has not been properly credited please let me know so I can amend the details. Thank you, Jodie

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