Monday, 16 January 2012

Yellow Interiors

Hi, I've come across a lot of fabulous interiors featuring yellow lately. The slightest pop can give such impact and wow factor. It looks incredible paired with black, white and grey as you will see in most of these images. This is a classic colour combination that is frequently used. However it is not so commonly seen with it's complimentary colour purple. I have come across a few images below to share with you. I will need to keep searching for more.

Yellow also looks great with navy blue

Kate Spade's Bedroom

This beautiful kitchen was designed and created by Benjamin Dhong Interiors - check out thier website for more inspiring interiors

Room by Mary McDonald

Images courtesy of Belle Maison Blog, Decorpad, Pinterest, Habitually Chic, Haute Indoor Coutre, Delight by Design Blog, Elle Decor, Benjamin Dhong

If I have used an image from a designer that has not been properly credited please let me know so I can amend the details. Thank you, Jodie

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