Monday, 9 January 2012

Home Office

I love my new home office! It is such a lovely, inspiring place to work in. I even enjoy filing and late nights burning the midnight oil just to spend time in there. Here's some great images of other people's home offices. (the exception being Mary Mcdonald's office below - this is her studio, not her home)

Mary Mcdonald's gorgeous office in Hollywood

Ana Antune's gorgeous office (Home-Styling Blog)

Image from Made By Girl, Jen Ramos

Room by Mary McDonald

All images courtesy of Belle Maison Blog, Decor8 Blog, Desire to Inspire Blog, Habitually Chic Blog, Home Styling Blog, Interiors Addict Blog, Made by Girl Blog, Miss Walker Blog, the Decorista Blog

If I have used an image from a Designer that has not been properly credited, please let me know so I can amend the details. Thank you, Jodie


Clayton Steadham said...

I also consider my home-office as my own personal sanctuary. It’s where I get peace and quiet. Mine looks similar as that in photo #8. Only, my desk is wider and has drawers for my everyday office supplies.

Clayton Steadham

Jodie Carter Design said...

Thanks for sharing Clayton. Your office sounds beautiful. Jodie

Allan Olson said...

I just can't keep my eyes off to the 7th picture. How cool to have an office space like that? As a writer, I'm sure this space will inspire me to write lots of beautiful novels in the future. If all office space are these gorgeous, I'm sure lots of people will be excited to come to work. #Allan@

jodie carter said...

You're right Allan, that office is fabulous!! I'm such a fan of the home office - seeing as I work from home. Pic no#7 would certainly keep me inspired. Thanks for your great comments! Jodie

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