Sunday, 27 January 2013

Kids Rooms

Hi there, I hope everyone is enjoying the Australia Day long weekend. It was actually nice to see the rain today as the garden was looking very dry. Today was spent maintaining the pool. My very favourite place to be - haha, not really. So now one new pool cleaner later we are back in business. The things you do for your children!! Well I do like the look of a pool in a backyard too, but if only they took care of themselves.

Tonights post is all about kids rooms. I found these great images on Decoratulama's Blog. They are all sort of raw and humble and realistic I guess for want of a better word. Rooms that have been decorated by a Mum or Dad for love. (or so they look) So I wanted to share them with you. I love a really decorated room, but I also love down to earth - sort of accidential decorating that just works. Hope you like them and they give you some ideas to try yourself.

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