Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Home Ideas Magazine - Vol 8 - No 4

Hi everyone, its been a very busy day at the Decoration and Design trade show. I came across lots of really lovely items for upcoming jobs. I'll have to share more of my favourites with you later. Another exciting thing for today is being published again In 'Australian Home Ideas' Magazine!!
This time they asked me to write an article on my tips for making your home personal to you. So I came up with my Top 10 Tips. You can see my section of the article below.
For those of you who cannot read it without a maganifying glass these are my tips below:
1. Books are a simple way to add personality to a room. Go through existing books and use them as part of the styling and decoration. Displaying them spine out and colour coded adds colour and interest to the room.
2. Incorporate souvenirs from travels to bring a story to the room but remember, less is more. Use a pile of books to set off one small item or a set of three small items.
3. Never underestimate the statement a lamp can make. Use quirky lamps with bases shaped like bunnies, birds, trees for example. They come in so many different styles that there is one for every room and every look.
4. Trinkets need to be displayed in a complementary way to show them off to thier best advantage. Use a pile of books with one, three or five trinkets sitting on top.
5. Add a rug for a punch of colour, to ground a room, and add texture and really make the space go from ordinary to fabulous. A graphic, geometric print rug really brings a wow factor to the room.
6. Although artwork is normally one of the last items to be put in place, it is one of the most important. For a casual feel, put together a composition of many different types of frames, add in a unique mirror and you have a look that is totally personal. For a more formal composition, hang perfectly ordered black and white prints in rows.
7. Cushions and soft furnishings say a lot about a person and directly reflect personality. Using fabrics sourced from world travels provides a global, eclectic look whereas using cushions with prints can add a vintage feel to the room. And the best thing is that they can be rotated or updated all the time for a change in look.
8. A tray is a simple tool that can make the oddest composition of trinkets look fabulous and a favourite among interior designers.
9. Use flowers! Not only is there a flower for every occassion but they bring life to a room whether it is modern, minimalistic, classic or retro.
10. Add in bookshelves or a wall of shelving to give you plenty of opportunity to add charecter. Even with all the designer furniture, rugs and cushions, without books, trinkest, vases and flowers a room will simply look like a nice room.

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