Monday, 4 February 2013

Home Office

Happy Monday everyone - although it's almost over. It has been a busy day here. My middle daughter Charli started school today. So it was a very exciting day for her - and me too. It has been quite a few weeks since I have not had any of the kids at home. So it was great to get back into the swing of things today and spend some time catching up with suppliers.

So the thought of working today - brings me tonights blog post pictures - The lovely Home Office. Here is some great inspiration for those of you wanting to create or re-decorate your office. Most of these are fairly simple. The recurring theme seems to be that "lived in look" again and lots of inspiration and photos posted around the office walls. Its a great way to keep those inspirational images and ideas nearby. Hope you like them. All images are via my pinterest page with original credit sources noted there.

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Ms Misantropia said...

Thank you for the inspiration!

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