Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gorgeous Graphic Living Rooms

Good evening, after another rainy day it's nice to be snuggled up inside browing beautiful design images. Though really considering it's supposed to be summer - shouldn't I be sitting outside enjoying a warm summer's evening listening to Christmas Carols??? no such luck here today. The school carols were cancelled due to rain so it's back to the blog.

I'm still really inspired by graphic pattern, and I just love black and white in a room. Here's a collection of beautiful living rooms - all with a graphic element to them. Hope you like them. xx

All images courtesy of Belle Maison Blog , Coco + Kelley Blog, BD Files blog , Decor 8 Blog

If I have used an image by a Designer that has not been properly credited, please let me know so I can amend the details. Thank you, Jodie

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